Rustin Hawver, is probably one of the most outspoken individuals that you will ever meet. You can thank the military training that has exposed that trait in him. Rustin’s background was as a Diesel Mechanic in the Marine Corps in 1994 and worked his way into the security forces towards the end of his military career. Since then he has worked in the transport and steel industries, while  going to college. He now holds an AS degree in Diesel Technology, which has  become a hobby. His career at Vision Interface is as Vice President of Internet Marketing. His internet training goes back to 1997 when everything was just starting. He and his team have history and they have seen it all. He often says that “history repeats itself, in the internet, more often than in the  natural world.” Rustin has used his skills and has networked with some of the world's best, most experienced, and brightest internet experts.


Rustin’s goal is to equalize the playing field for his clients in the most  effective, safe, and natural way on the internet. His clients are long term, and are enjoying the position that they have over their competitors.