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This is a process to identify words and phrases your Ideal Clients
use to search online when they needs your products and services

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Known Converting keywords
Please list any known converting keywords form other on-line ad campaigns

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Relevant Keywords
Please list any relevant keywords you can think of to attract your ideal clients

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Your Most Lucrative Products or Services
Examples: Transmission service vs Transmission Replacement - Gym Membership vs Personal Training
Diet Pills vs 1 Year Complete Weight Loss Program - How To Manual vs Done for You Service

The bolded items above are going to have allot more profit and be perceived as much more valuable

Product/Service 1

Product/Service 2

Product/Service 3

Product/Service 4

Product/Service 5

Product/Service 6

Problems Your Product/Service Solve
Examples: Broken Vehicle/Transportation Loss - Poor Health/Low Energy - Obesity - Low Income/Poverty

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Solutions You Offer
Examples: Transmission Repair - Restored Health - Diet Programs - Prosperity Transformation

Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 3

Symptoms of the Problem
Examples: Car Jerks/Doesn’t move when in gear - Hurts to get out of bed - Clothes Don’t Fit - Can't Pay Bills

Symptom 1

Symptom 2

Symptom 3

Initial Offering (Money Magnet-Teaser- Loss Leader-Etc)
Examples: Free Inspection - Trial Gym Membership - 30 Day Supply of Diet Pills - Free How To Guide

Initial Offer 1

Initial Offer 2

Initial Offer 3

Main Core Offer (Your Money Maker)
Examples: Transmission Upgrade Replacement - Personal Training - Weight Loss Program - Business Services

Core Offer 1

Core Offer 2

Core Offer 3

Goals Your ideal Client Expects to Achieve
Examples: Get to Work On Time - Feel Good/Enjoy Life - Look Good - Expendable Income

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Most Important of all…

Desired Outcome
Examples: Geographical Freedom - Long Life - Acceptance - Financial Freedom

What is their Desired Outcome?

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