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How you reach your audience and customers is an ever changing landscape. We want to help you develop a strategic plan and maintain your results.


 Social sharing has quickly become one of the leading ways to drive revenue and generate traffic to your website.



Developing a Successful Facebook Ad?


  1. It MUST have a purpose
  2. It  MUST  DO something (have a function to serve your clients)
  3. The layout MUST follows the needs of the users, not the ego of the designers.
  4. The page MUST be easy to understand in less than 10 seconds.
  5. Users MUST be able to solve their problems in less than 4 clicks.
  6. The page MUST have clean code, fast load times, and is Search Engine Optimized.
  7. It MUST include the vital components needed to make conversions simple and easy.
  8. It MUST have the design layout and components are consistent with your company branding.
  9. The color palette, action colors, and influence frame MUST all work together as a system.
  10. A good Website MUST be Measurable, Profitable, and Delivers the user value as part of a wider Online Marketing System that will ultimately convert them to customers

But Most Importantly the Website Needs to Deliver....


Is your Social Footprint Working?


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